Listing your dApp

Thank you for your interest in getting your dApp listed on ChainTrail! We are excited to showcase innovative projects and provide valuable insights to our users about the Algorand blockchain ecosystem. This support document outlines the preferred method for developers to submit their dApps for consideration on ChainTrail.

Submission Process:

  1. Follow Us on Twitter:

    • Start by following us on Twitter: @chain_trail. This will ensure that you stay updated with the latest news and announcements from ChainTrail.

  2. Project Details:

    • Once you are following us, send us a Direct Message (DM) containing the following project details:

      • Project Name: Provide the name of your dApp.

      • Project Description: Briefly describe the purpose and functionality of your dApp.

      • Algorand Blockchain Interactions: Explain how your dApp interacts with the Algorand blockchain. Provide an overview of the key transactions and interactions that take place on-chain.

  3. Additional Information (Optional):

    • If you have any additional documentation, such as whitepapers or technical specifications, you may include links or attachments in the DM.

  4. Review and Confirmation:

    • Our team will review the information provided.

  5. Listing Notification:

    • Upon completing the evaluation process, we will notify you via Twitter DM about the listing status of your dApp on ChainTrail.

Stay Connected:

Follow @chain_trail on Twitter to stay informed about ChainTrail updates, featured dApps, and valuable insights from the Algorand blockchain ecosystem.

We look forward to reviewing your dApp submission and potentially featuring your project on ChainTrail, where users can explore and understand the diverse and impactful dApps driving the Algorand blockchain.

For any further inquiries or assistance, feel free to reach out to us through our Twitter DM or by emailing us at

Thank you,

The ChainTrail Team

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